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In your line of work we understand that mishaps happen, and that glass breakage is imminent. Keep us in mind for when you end up needing us. We have a service facility located in Kent, Ohio that stocks quite a bit of laminated glass. We are located near several major distribution centers that keep most supplies on hand to be able to service our clients in an extremely fast manner. Work orders are dispatched and usually completed the day you call upon us. Our installers are highly trained and are able to give you a free estimate onsite before making the repairs needed. 

We have dedicated a van to use as a mobile shop with many of the common materials that are used in today’s heavy equipment. We also understand that time is money and your machines need to stay on site and running to make you money. Our certified installers will come to your location, no matter where it may be, and get your machine back in order and sealed up to keep the elements outside where they belong. We create patterns, fabricate the glass, and then install it. We then clean the broken glass from the interior to protect your investment. We strive to keep the downtime to a minimum to maximize your profits.
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